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Ecological Pesticide Incident Reporting

Welcome to NPIC's Ecological Pesticide Incident Reporting portal.

This portal provides a method for reporting ecological incidents that are suspected or known to be related to pesticide exposures. Ecological incidents are when adverse field effects involve non-target entities such as: wildlife, birds, fish, shell fish, bees, plants, soil, and water.

Information from this portal may be directly sent in its entirety to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Data from this portal may be used to inform decision-making in the federal regulation of pesticides. Note that NPIC cannot ensure that personally identifiable information included in these reports will be kept confidential. Also note that the information submitted through this portal will not be used for targeted enforcement. If you wish to speak with someone about a potential investigation, please contact your state's pesticide regulatory agency for pesticide enforcement, or contact the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at Miller.Robert@epa.gov.

An overview of required and optional information needed to submit a report is available here.

If you have questions or would prefer to report any adverse effect of a pesticide through the NPIC hotline, you may do so by calling NPIC at 1-800-858-7378

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